Shongo is a generic system for management of resources, which allows system administrators to define resources (e.g., H.323 MCU or Adobe Connect Server) and allows system users to book capacity on these resources (e.g., H.323 video-conferencing room or Adobe Connect web-conferencing room). The system is designed to be generic so that it can be used not only for video/web conferences, but also to manage any type of resources (e.g., reservation physical rooms).

The project is available in Shongo Resource Management System Github repository.

The system is currently deployed to the following domains:

  • meetings.cesnet.cz - reservation system for H.323/SIP and Adobe Connect virtual rooms within CESNET videoconferencing infrastructure
  • meetings.cesnet.cz/ceitec - reservation system for physical rooms of CEITEC - Central European Institute of Technology

If you have any questions, we will answer them on vidcon@cesnet.cz.

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